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(all listed prices are in usd)

- chibi fullbody: $5.00

- bust: $10.00

- halfbody: $15.00

- fullbody: $20.00

+ $1.00 single cell shading

+ $2.00 double cell shading

+ $3.00 double cell blended

+ $4.00 painting

+ half of total commission price for each extra character

+ $20.00 for freehand drawn background

customs are also available


- although i prefer if you pay after i finish your commission because i am prone to procrastination and forgetfulness, you don't have to and it's up to you when you want to pay as long as you go through with it.

- please give me a clear ref of what character you want drawn and what pose you would like me to draw them in + other specifics

- i can't draw fanart for you unless your mutuals with me so please don't ask me to draw a character that isn't yours

- i can't draw nsfw, offensive, fetish, hate, or immoral art. i have the right to refuse your commission if i want.

- i can draw furries, feral, humans, mecha, surreal, light gore/blood, and etc.